FineART WILD WEST DRAGONS The Sylph of the Desert


Art & Design by Elian Black’mor
Height: 11.41″
Width: 16.53″
Paper: William Turner Fine Art Paper by hahnemuehle – 310g
Features: Limited Edition (50) – Signed


Print mode: Giclee also known as Digigraphie




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You are determined never to forget what you have seen on this perilous journey and you are ready to put the price on it.


→ Each month, you will have the possibility of acquiring a print run in the original format of the WILD WEST DRAGONS (about 7.8″ x 12.5″ for the size of the image). This unique piece will be personalized with your name and printed on William Turner – Hahnemuehle 310g art paper before being stamped with the blazon of the Black’mor Chronicles and signed by me.

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