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Your phones and tablets need protection. Not from conquering warlords but from you, because you drop everything and break it. We’ve seen you do it. And these days it’s not just a phone anymore, it’s also a camera and a torch and a door stop and some other important things too. So we’ve created the toughest cases we could to protect your most precious of daily devices from getting hurt. We’re using the single finest technology available today for case decoration to actually infuse the design into your case for maximum durability. They’re constructed from the finest Amorphous Polymer which sounds like it just crawled from the sea but is actually a very strong plastic that s apparently used up there in space. It’s extremely strong, like a post-spinach Popeye.

  • Allows full access to all device ports
  • 1000s of incredible & unique designs to choose from right here at Redbubble
  • Long life, super-bright colors embedded directly into the case
  • Extremely durable, shatterproof casing

Illustration from my book ‘L’ÉPOUVANTABLE ENCYCLOPÉDIE DES FANTÔMES‘ created in collaboration with Carine-M and written by Pierre Dubois and published in France by GLENAT EDITION.

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