Take a peek at our online treasures. Books and Art Work by Carine-M & Élian Black’Mor
Élian Black'mor

Carine-M and Élian Black’Mor are concept and graphic designers, authors and illustrators. As a duet these artists work in total harmony and create abounding creative universes of the fantastic and the strange.

Alternately conductors and instrumentalists, they are guided by their hybrid creations. The work is a blend of traditional methods with digital tools. The graphic identity of each artist is combined , but is at the same time identifiable.


Each artist is the creator of their own universe: “ The Black’Mor Chronicles ” for Élian, where he recounts the spooky peregrinations of his avatar, “ L’épouvantable encyclopédie des fantômes ” for Carine-M, a window into her poetic and surreal imagination. This work is performed by 4 hands. The inspirations range from Victorian and black Romanticism to that of contemporary artisits.


Their references include: Edward Gorey, John Bauer, Gustav-Adolf Mossa, Charles Addams, Tim Burton, Bill Carman, Dan Hillier and Jimmy Nelson…